Saturday, February 19, 2011

Worst Case Scenario

Hey there, my name is Karl.  I've been asked to do this by nearly everyone I know.  I've been ordered to do this by my doctors.

Here's an introduction:

Physical Stuff

I suffer from Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis.  "Primary Progressive" means that I do not get breaks from the illness, such as in "Relapsing MS," but suffer a steady and rapid decline of function.

I also suffer from a congenital arthritic condition which led to severe spinal stenosis, with my spinal cord compressed to 1/8th.  I underwent surgery for this.


I have a hard time talking about psychological issues.  I was raised to think that this is just "whining."  The truth is, no one knows how bad I was.  I sought help for 20 years before getting a handle on the problems in my head.  I'll talk about them here. 


  • I am adopted.
  • I was adopted by a family that was completely dysfunctional.
  • I was adopted by a family that abused me physically and emotionally.
  • (edited:  this topic requires a more lengthy discussion than this short intro allows.)
The psychology of adoption is much more complicated than I ever thought.  All participants in the process face serious hurdles that they should be prepared for. 

Goals for Blogging

I'm going to chronicle as much as I can about this experience in the hope that someone else may find something useful here!

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