Monday, April 4, 2011

Pain and "Medicine"-Medical Marijuana in New Mexico

I haven't been very involved in the world lately because the "pain" dial on my disease has been turned full right.  I went through a period of intense pain from my surgical site, which has subsided.  Now I am back to intense, unmanageable pain in both legs.  I'm not moving around much.

Why?  No medicine.  I promised myself that I would not breach the topic of illegal but utterly miraculous medications here, but I'm gong to have to talk about it.  The B.S. surrounding the topic of this stupid, stupid plant is frustrating.  I'll do a fly-by on the topic- the medical cannabis program in N.M. is a disaster, and it was designed to be one.  It won't be getting better any time soon, if it survives at all.  

I've talked about this with most of my friends, and it's very simple:  marijuana relieves all of my symptoms in a way that is pretty amazing to witness.  That said, REAL medicine does this.  I have yet to actually get anything from my "state approved medicine vendor" that isn't a thoroughly seeded mess or has been kiefed of all crystals.  This crap, "swag", only hints at relieving my symptoms, gives me headaches, and makes me cough.  Seeded marijuana also makes you crazy.  The real thing doesn't.

The real thing?  Unseeded flowers from the female plant.  That's it.  Period.  Anything else is swag, and I'm getting really tired of dealing with it.    

My latest delivery of "medicine" is a jar full of leaves and shake from god knows what plants.  I wouldn't be surprised to find soda straw wrappers or other small garbage in the jar, as it looks like it came from the bottom of a bag.  I paid for this stuff.  I'm not happy about this in the tiniest, little way- but I have to keep a happy face for my "state licensed vendor", or I may never see medicine again.  The call/response/get together relationship I have with my "state licensed vendor" doesn't seem much different from dealing with "non-licensed vendors" in that they never answer the phone, never tell the same story, never have anything real but have a small sample of something real to give you hope, and disappear for months at a time.

That's the way it is.  I actually like my state guy a lot, but the only real medicine I've ever had is on the side-samples of real stuff that is apparently for sale to other, more important clients.  I get the shake and the garbage, and I'm fed up.

By the way, marijuana is not addictive.  It is the "silver bullet" for my pain, and it feels great to smoke it, but if I don't have the real thing I don't want it at all, and it literally takes my wife bringing me a pipe full of the crap and encouraging me to smoke it so I feel better.  I don't want to.  I hate it.

The "real thing" I would recommend for everyone on the planet at least once a month to maintain sanity and mental health.  It's the greatest thing ever.  It's absolutely healthy.  The REAL THING.

Marijuana is hard to grow. I could spend a lot of time talking about that here, but there's tons of info on the web already.  Google it, and you'll be amazed to discover that growing this stuff is as complicated as cloning sheep- it's a delicate process that requires attention to detail.  I'm failing spectacularly at it.  I had one good crop about six months ago, and I really, really miss it.

I really hoped that our "state approved vendors" would have expertise and would produce real medicine, but they are not.

So, it hurts.  A lot.   I'm really tired,  and I'm just kind of trying to get through each day.  I'm hoping to establish a decent medicine routine some day, but the supply problem has to be solved first.

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